Fault Information

Fault Code Description
Fault Code Conditions
Fault Time Condition
DME: Oxygen sensor after catalytic converter, trim control
Service Plan

Post Catalyst Fuel Trim Via Oxygen Sensor System Too Rich (Bank 1)
Fault Impact
Terminal 15, engine on

O2 sensor trim control
No fault memories
Drive at 50 - 80 km/h and at moderate engine speed.

Service Notes
This fault automatically triggers an active test (secondary fault stored in the control module's fault memory!).
1. Read out results of active test (are other fault codes still stored in the fault memory)? => Then continue at this point!)
2. Initiate system test for reversed O2 sensors. Follow instructions for system test.
3. If the system test fails to produce a result then
4. Visual inspection of wiring and plugs
5. Electrical check of wiring
6. Replace wiring or plugs as indicated
7. Check exhaust system forward of downstream (post-cat) O2 sensor for leaks
8. Replace downstream (post-cat) O2 sensor
9. Replace upstream (pre-cat) O2 sensor
10. Replace control module